You Know Who's Gay?

You Know Who's Gay?

You Know Who's Gay? Guy is a recurring character in the asdfmovie series. In all of his appearances, he says, "You know who's gay? You!" to another person.



  • You Know Who's Gay? 1 - He says "You know who's gay? You!" but gets stabbed with a knife, causing him to say "Aw, come on!".


  • You Know Who's Gay? 2 - The You Know Who's Gay? Guy can't finish saying his line because he and the other person are hit by a train.

He does not appear in any other scene in an asdfmovie until asdfmovie: deleted scenes, with the other guy.

Asdfmovie: Deleted Scenes:

  • You Know Who's Gay? 3 - The You Know Who's Gay? Guy says, "You know who's gay? Us." with a marriage ceremony between the two guys and 2 bells were ringing.


  • A train hits the You Know Who's Gay? guy even though the I Like Trains Kid didn't appear although this skit appeared after the I Like Trains kid appeared and said his usual line which probably means that he was crushed by the train the I Like Trains Kid summoned.
    • However, judging by the fact that in the previous skit the I Like Trains Kid said his line to his father and nothing happened, that particular train showed up in the wrong place.