Ultrasdf is a fan-made movie of Asdfmovie which includes 90 skits, and mixed Asdfmovies. It was released on April 29, 2015 and currently made by RemSlyPro.

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-YTP- ~ ultrasdf

-YTP- ~ ultrasdf


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Trivia Edit

  • This parody marks the first of a few things:
  • The first parody on this wiki.
  • The P-Switch Guy steps on in the "Screw gravity 3" scene is actually from Super Mario, and makes the sound effect too.
  • In the skit: I'm allergic to myself, Man's grave is shown. But, It says: 2010-2010. Don't you mean: 2010-2015?
  • At the scene called where's Suzie, Suzie was crushed by a car, even though asdfmovie10 came out in 2017, not this.
  • In the scene "diamond" the father calls the diamond a technology.
  • If you read the comments, TomSka, the creator of the original asdfmovie, says it's the greatest thing he have ever seen.