"DIE, Transcripts: asdfmovie2."
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Man: I baked you a pie!

Boy: Oh, boy! What flavour?

Man: *squints eyes* Pie flavor!

(a tiny pie pops out of the pie) *GUITAR RIFF*

  • static*

Girl: I like singing! 

Boy: I like dancing!

I Like Trains Kid: I like trains!

(gets run over by train)

  • static*

Man on the left: Hey, it says gullible on the ceiling!

Not Today!

Not Today!

Man on the right: (looks up) Oh, yeah. So it does. Aw, you stole my lungs!

  • static*
Potato Killer: Die, potato!


(Potato pulls out a gun)

Potato: Not today!

(shows potato killer with a stunned face)

  • static*

Clown: Ha, ha! They said I could never teach a llama to drive!

Llama: (driving a car) MAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Clown: No, llama! NOOOO!

(Llama drives of a cliff)

  • static*

Man: Doctor! I think I might be a homosexual!

Doctor: How can you tell?


  • static*

Ranger: What are you? A man or a mouse?

(a horse is shown)

  • static*

Woman: Hey, kids! I brought you some cookies!


I Like Trains Kid: I like trains.

(Pause) everyone stares at him

(gets run over by train)

  • static*

(playing theme song) DESMOND THE MOON BEAR!

Desmond: How did I get here?

The end.

  • static*

Man: (looking at book) Ha, ha, ha! I can't read!

  • static*

Man 1: Kitten fight!

Man 2: No, wait! I'm allergic to adorableness! (cat hits and latches on his face) (grabs kitten) Awww...

(Man 2's grave is shown)

  • static*

Harold: What are you up to, son?

I Like Trains Kid: I like trains!

Harold: (laughs) Yes you do.

  • static*

Man: You know who's gay? Yo-(gets run over by train)

  • static*

Man: I can't wait to eat this bagel!

Man: Yes, you can.

Man: Yeah, I guess you're right.

  • End Credits