'Honey, why is the baby on fire?'

The Father is a character that has appeared a total of four times in the asdfmovie series. His real name is Harold, and he is depicted as a middle-aged man with reading glasses and an unlit pipe in his mouth. He has two children, the I Like Trains kid and a little girl who has bad luck.


His first appearance was in asdfmovie 2, where he asks his son what he is up to. In asdfmovie 3, he asks his wife why the baby is on fire, while the baby seems completely unbothered. In asdfmovie 4, he is re-married to a sentient armchair that dreams of one day wearing shoes. In asdfmovie 6, he asks his daughter what she is drawing, then blankly looks on as a bear proceeds to eat her (not to mention Desmond the Moon Bear).


Harold's family consists of the I Like Trains kid, the unlucky little girl and his wives, a human and an armchair. He only appears with his son and daughter once each, but still tries to interact with them the best he can. Unfortunately, his son is obsessed with trains, and his daughter is constantly abused (not in The Asdfmovie), so he doesn't have much luck.


  • It is likely that the baby on fire from asdfmovie 2 grew up to be the unlucky girl, therefore showing that even as an infant, she had little luck.
  • In the "I Like Trains" song, he makes an appearance as a younger version of himself, the only differences being that he has some hair and his glasses are gone.
  • A Harold like figure with a gun, a different wife, and no pipe is seen in Asdfmovie deleted scenes where a boy says Apple several time before the Father says "Well, We've failed!" cockes his gun and says "Don't look honey!"
  • A I like Trucks Girl has been confirmed as Harold's son's sister, so it is possible that the unlucky girl is going to become more important to the Asdfmovie series and Harold may appear again.