Got Your Nose
Season 1, Episode 1.2
Air date August 10th, 2008
Asdf movie- My tie is evil00:13

Asdf movie- My tie is evil

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Got Your Nose
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The Evil Tie is an asdfmovie skit that only appeared in the original Asdfmovie.


A man is talking to another about the tie he is wearing. He claims it is evil and intends to kill him. The other man responds by simply backing away. The tie's victim beg it not to hurt him, but it gives an evil laugh... 


  • Man 1: "You gotta help me, man! My tie is evil and it's gonna kill mee-e-e... 
  • Man 2: (walks away)
  • (Man 1 looks scared)
  • Man 1: Please don't hurt me...
  • Tie: Muwahahaha......

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that the man with the evil tie might have been killed.

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