The Asdfmovie


Thomas Ridgewell



Production Company


Distributed By

Lionsgate Pictures

Running Time

117 Minutes

The Asdfmovie is an upcoming American 2018 comedy-drama movie based on the cartoon, Asdfmovie. It will be TomSka's first theatrical Asdfmovie to be from Lionsgate Pictures.

Location Edit

The movie takes place in the world of Asdfmovie, where all the Asdfmovie characters live.

Plot Edit

The I Like Trains Kid makes a plan for how to summon any train he likes. His father, Harold, asks him what he is up to, then the I Like Trains Kid tells his father that he likes trains. Harold then laughs and says, "Yes, you do." Meanwhile, the You Know Who's Gay? Guy asks his guy who's gay, when suddenly, they get hit by a train. Just then, The I Like Trains Kid thinks about why he summons trains so much. He then wanders off to explore. The I Like Trains Kid's journey has begun!

Along the way, he encounters a Clown who knows that his gang said he could never "Teach a Llama How To Drive", but the Llama baas in fright, causing the llama to fall off the cliff. Then, one man refuses to step on the Mine Turtle, when suddenly, he gets crushed by the llama's car, causing the llama to get out of the car and run around. The I Like Trains Kid says hello to the Mine Turtle, and the Mine Turtle says hello back. Then suddenly, a guy accidentally steps on the Mine Turtle, then an explosion occurs. The I Like Trains kid then continues his journey right away.

More to be added, soon!


  1. Nathan O'Brien as the I Like Trains Kid
  2. Sienna Rucka as the Unlucky Girl
  3. Jason Sudeikis as Harold the Father
  4. Kate McKinnon as Harold's Wife
  5. Hannibal Buress as the Clown
  6. Ava Acres as the Mine Turtle
  7. Bill Hader as Dougal Flopguy
  8. Robert Benfer as Stegosaurus
  9. Noah Schnapp as Bystander #1
  10. Owen Vaccaro as Bystander #2
  11. Pierce Gagnon as Bystander #3
  12. Sam Lavagnino as Mr. Muffin

More to be added, soon!


  • All the characters are shown to be colorful and 3D.

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