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Father (unnamed)

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Asdfmovie2: deleted scenes

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Teenager is a man who voiced by OMFGItsJackAndDean, and he appears in Asdfmovie2: deleted scenes and in asdfmovie4. The teenager appears in a lot of asdf episodes. The first one is I'm gonna do the internet! *crazy sounds play* WHOAAAA! Well, I'm gonna do a book! Aww... Another one is the skateboarding incident. He is skateboarding...Hey kid, you can't skate here! a guard yells. Then the teenager yells, "You can't tell me what to do!" and explodes (not to mention the hole). Another clip of Teenager is when he found their car on his sandwich and then another person says that he parked his car on his sandwich. And then he yells and he explodes.


On My Sandwich!Edit

  • Teenager: Who parked their car... on my SANDWICH?
  • Man: I did!
  • Teenager: (yells and explodes)

Do an InternetEdit

  • Teenager: I'm gonna do an Internet!
  • (click, cool music appears and a rainbow appears, too)
  • Teenager: WOOOAHH!
  • Man: Well, I'm gonna do a book!
  • (tap, nothing happens)
  • Man: Aw.

You can't Skate Here!Edit

  • Police Cop: Hey, kid, you can't skate here!
  • Teenager: You can't tell me what to do!
  • (teenager skateboards over a mine and explodes)
  • Skit ends.

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