Suddenly Pineapples is a recurring asdfmovie sketch that appeared in asdfmovie:deleted scenes, thus never made it into the actual asdfmovies.

Transcript Edit

Part 1

Man: I am depressed.

Narrator: Suddenly, pineapples!

( man is now surrounded by pineapples.)

Man: This does not help.

Part 2

Doctor: Sir, I'm a afraid you have brain cancer.

Narrator: Suddenly, pineapples!

(patient and doctor are surrounded by pineapples, with the patient's head now a pineapple.)

Doctor: Well, the godd news is you don't have brain cancer anymore.

( patient's pineapple head now falls off.)

Part 3

Guy: Hello, Mine Turtle!

Mine Turtle: Hello!

Narrator: Suddenly, pineapples!

( guy and Mine Turtle are now surrounded by pineapples, as a pineapple falls and hits the button of the Mine Turtle, causing an explosion.)

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