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Robert Benfer






Time Traveler, Susie, and Mine Turtle

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I am a stegosaurus! -Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus (or Steg-o-saurus) is a minor character from the asdfmovie series. Not much is known about Stegosaurus, except that his favourite thing to do is step on people and say, "I am a stegosaurus!" even though he is a sauropod dinosaur. He is an apatosaurus (a long-necked dinosaur) who first appears in asdfmovie4, crushing a hapless time traveller who has only just arrived in the past. He returns in the music video for Mine Turtle, interrupting Mine Turtle's conversation with the Caveman by stepping on his detonator. He made a third appearance in Asdfmovie: deleted scenes, stamping on little Susie just as she's made it across the road. In all his appearances, he is voiced by Robert Benfer. Several other Stegosauruses are blown up in "Mine Turtle" and one is covered in char, despite none of the other mine turtles being set off. He reappears with several other recurring asdfmovie characters at the end of "THE MUFFIN SONG".

"Stegosaurus isn't looking very good."
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Quotes Edit

"I am a stegosaurus!"

Trivia Edit

  • He appears 3 times in total
  • He seems to have disappeared at the same time as the Skateboard Cow made his introduction
  • He is marked #30 on the asdflist