Splatoon Asdfmovie is a Splatoon edition of Asdfmovie. It is based on Octoboy's video, "Splatoon but it is an Asdfmovie episode".

List of skits Edit

  • Got your nose
  • Basketball
  • Time Machine/ Stegosaurus
  • Most Beautiful Girl in The World
  • I Wish I Could Fly!
  • Everybody Do The Flop
  • Beep Beep I'm A Sheep
  • Pony
  • Draw!
  • You're Going to Die
  • Ducks
  • New Camera
  • Muffin Factory
  • Go to the Moon

Transcript Edit

Baby with Woomy as nose: (giggling)

(father takes the Woomy off his face)

Father: Got your nose!

Baby: (giggling continues)

Policeman: Look out! He's got a nose!

(policeman fires his Luna Blaster)

(intro plays)


Basketball with Inkling Tentacles: Haha! Chase me, Suzie, Chase me!

(Suzie gets hit by a seeker)

Basketball with Inkling Tentacles: *deep voice* Mmm...Good...


Yellow Inkling Boy: It worked! My time machine wo-

(Blue Inkling Boy splats Yellow Inkling Boy with his Carbon Roller)

Blue Inkling Boy: I am a stegosaurus!


Green Inkling Girl: My boyfriend said I'm the most beautiful girl in the world!

Purple Inkling Girl: Hehehe! My boyfriend said that too!

Green Inkling Girl: (splats Purple Inkling Girl her Luna Blaster) *demonic voice* There could be only one!


Cyan Inkling Girl 1: I wish I could fly!

Cyan Inkling Girl 2: (snaps) Your wish is granted!

Cyan Inkling Girl 1: Yaaay! (does a squid jump, but gets splatted by a Purple Inkling Boy's Luna Blaster)


Soda Inkling Boy: EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!!

(Soda Inkling Boy, Soda Inkling Girl, Purple Inkling Boy, and Purple Inkling Girl fall in the water and get splatted)


Soda Inkling Girl: Beep, beep. I'm a Woomy, I said beep, beep. I'm a Woomy!

Soda Inkling Boy: Nyges!


Blue Inkling Boy 1: I wonder if my pony can fly!

(Blue Inkling Boy 2 does a squid jump)

Blue Inkling Boy 1: huh!


Blue Inkling Boy 1: Hey kids, who's ready to draw?!

Yellow Inklings and Other Blue Inklings: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Blue Inkling Boy 1: Okay then, DRAW!

(constant firing at will by Inkzookas)


Orange Inkling Boy: You're gonna die!

Cyan Inkling Girl: We're all gonna die!

(The Orange Inkling Boy thinks, then turns to squid form cancelling his shot from his Kelp Splat Charger)


Narrator: And now, Inklings!

(sea crowling)

Duck with Inkling Tentacles 1: Woomy!

(Quickly translating through voices)

Duck with Inkling Tentacles 2: I was just about to say that!

Duck with Inkling Tentacles 1: Are you serious?

Duck with Inkling Tentacles 2: Totally!

Duck with Inkling Tentacles 1: Aw, that's spooky.

Duck with Inkling Tentacles 2: We are so in sync!


(Man 1 and Man 2 are shown)

Man 3: Hey guys check out my new camera!

(fires Luna Blaster at Man 1)

Man 3: No, wait! this isn't the camera.


Guy: Aw, man! Are you ever going to run out of Woomies?

Muffin Man: (Deep accent) No, because I work at the Woomy factory!


Daughter wearing Judd mask: When I grow up, I wanna to go to the moon!

Father: Why, wait! (kicks his daughter into the sky and his daughter screams)

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