Skitphone is the 8th episode of Asdfmovie Season 1.


In the Mall, Someone has to call. But then the Asdfian who is calling is interupted by the popular saying "Skitphone"

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Mephone4: Ah...What a beautiful day at the mall!


(Mephone4 grabs his phone and calls)

Mephone4: Hello,Skitphone guy!

Skitphone guy: Hello,Mephone4!

Skitphone guy: Mephone4, Have you ever heard about the popular saying, "Skitphone"?

Mephone4: No.

(Mephone4 closes his phone,which ends the call)


  • This is the first full episode.
  • Skitphone guy Makes his debut in this episode.


  • Skitphone guy does not have a mouth when he says "popular saying".


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