I Like Trains Kid

First Appearance


The Potato is a recurring character in the asdfmovie series. He appeared in the series with a potato killer in gags where the potato killer shouts 'Die, potato!"


In asdfmovie, the potato is killed by the potato killer by stepping on it.

He reappears in asdfmovie2 , where the potato killer tries to kill him again, but potato, wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, pulls out a gun and says "Not today!"

In asdfmovie3, he is going to be stepped on by the potato killer, but suddenly I Like Trains Kid appears and says "I like trains." Then the killer and the potato are hit by a speeding train and the kid smiles. This scene is mentioned in asdfmovie4, where a man with a pipe was seen reading the ASDF News with a headline "Potato Found Dead."

He was also seen in the doctor's waiting room in I Like Trains (Song). On the I Like Trains Kid's checklist, it checks I and Like, but not Potatoes. Also, on his report card, it says: Potatoes - D.

He appears once also in Mine Turtle (Song). The Mine Turtle met him during its journey around the world. The potato was seen in his "not today" clothing, with black glasses and a bandanna covering his mouth.

He once more appears in the Everybody Do The Flop song, where the potato is seen doing the Flop.


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