Pointless Button00:07

Pointless Button

Pointless Button is an asdfmovie skit that only appeared in Asdfmovie1.

Sypnosis Edit

A man walks up to a pointless button. He presses it and nothing happens. Then he frowns for a split second and he says "Hmm."


Man: (Pushes button)


Man: Hmm.


  • Pointless Button
  • Man Pressing Pointless Button

Trivia Edit

The Pointless Button later appears in the Mine Turtle music video. The same person appears to pressing Mine Turtle's button instead of the pointless button, and died because he pressed the Mine Turtle's button too many times. The "Warning: Pointless" subtitle has disappeared from the sign. Also, the text "Pointless Button" now has a question mark on it.

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