Mr muffin
Mr. Muffin (also known as Suicidal Muffin), is a muffin that appeared in Asdfmovie7 and in Asdfmovie8. He appears asking everyone to eat him because he wants to die, but they say no. He is voiced by Sam Lavagnino, also known for voicing CatBug in Bravest Warriors.


His first appearance is in asdfmovie7 in a scene where Mr. Muffin asks a man called Joey to eat him, but Joey refuses. Next, he asked a fat man to eat him but the fat man is stuffed. In his last appearance in asdfmovie7, the scene turns to a coloured scene and among the panicking of the human characters in the scene, Mr. Muffin jumps up and asks, "Who wants a muffin?".

In asdfmovie8, there is a scene where a man asks "What time is it?". Mr. Muffin comes in with an over the top opening, saying "It's muffin time!". Unfortunately, he is reminded that it is actually 12:30. Finally just giving up, Mr. Muffin shouts "SOMEBODY KILL ME!".

He also appeared in Everybody Do The Flop song doing the flop with Desmond the Moon Bear and the Potato.

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  • There is a song that is called It's Muffin Time! on youtube and samples of Mr. Muffin & Skateboard Cow's Apperances on asdfmovie 8
  • Mr. Muffin has been confirmed for asdfmovie10, but never made it into the final film.
  • Mr. Muffin is shown to be colorful and 3-Dimensional in the movie.
  • Once a comment by TomSka says 2 lines of a song about Mr.Muffin but since Mr.Muffin dosen't have a song ( It's Muffin Time isn't by TomSka ) These 2 lines could be a preview of a song TomSka is making
  • The 2 Lines Are Hey have you heard of the suicidal muffin he says he wants to die even though he's a button then TomSka says Oops wrong song and cuts off the rest of the song.
  • Mr. Muffin wants to die by letting someone eat him is a reference to how Muffins are eaten by people.