Mine Turtle
Mine Turtle


Mine Turtle (Mea Turtur)







First Appearance


Voiced By

Thomas Ridgewell (TomSka)
Ava Acres (The Asdfmovie)

Mine Turtle (Sciencey name: Mea Turtur) is an animal in the asdfmovie series. He first appeared in asdfmovie5. In the "Mine Turtle" song, it is revealed that the mine turtle is technically not a turtle, but a tortoise.


He appears three times in asdfmovie5, one skit in asdfmovie6, one skit in asdfmovie deleted scenes, as well as his own song (and briefly in the Do the Flop song). In the first skit in asdfmovie5 with the mine turtle a man says, "Hello Mine turtle!". The mine turtle immediately replies, "Hello!". A man then steps on his button and he explodes. In the second skit, a little girl shows a mine turtle in her hands to her mother. The turtle then says "hello" before jumping out of the girl's hands and landing upside down, blowing the girl and her mother up. In the third skit, a guy refuses to step on a mine turtle. The driving llama from asdfmovie2 lands on the guy, gets out of the car, and runs away, at the end of this skit, the mine turtle says "hello". In asdfmovie6, a quartet sings "hello" in harmony. The first three guys sing while the fourth steps on a mine turtle who says "hello". All four guys then sing "oh no" in unison before exploding. In asdfmovie deleted scenes, the mine turtle appears in the third "suddenly pineapples" scene. A guy says "hello mine turtle" to a one before he says "hello" back. Then pineapples suddenly appear, one of which lands on the mine turtle's button, blowing the guy up. In the mine turtle song, many skits from other asdfmovie episodes are shown in situations involving the mine turtle. It also explains that they were created when TomSka did drunk science on a turtle. In the Everybody Do The Flop song, the mine turtle appears briefly when a guy doing the flop is blown up because he accidentally flopped on the mine turtle's button.

Voiced ByEdit

Trivia Edit

  • He is marked #35 on the asdflist
  • In Asdfmovie9, he might be disguised as Steven's body.

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