Medication Time is an episode of Asdfmovie10 where it shows two characters but instead of being in the normal 2d animation, they're 3d. Person1 asks what time it is and Person2 replies by telling him that it's medication time, then they take pills and then the image of the two characters gets wavy and they return into the usual 2d animation style of Asdfmovies and then Person2 says "that's better".


Asdfman 1 (3D): Hey, what time is it?

Asdfman 2 (3D): It's Medication Time!

(3D guy 2 drinks some medication)

(3D guy 1 and 3D guy 2 medicate into regular Guys)

Asdfman 2 (2D): This is better.


  • This is the first skit to be in 3D.
  • This is the second time a person asks what time is it the 1st time was when Mr.Muffin makes his last appearance yet