The I Like Trains Kid is one of the characters who first appeared in Asdfmovie2. The only thing he ever says was "I like trains!"


From birth, he never spoke a word. Not even to his parents, not a single sound was heard. On the first day of school, when the teacher asked his name, all he did was smile as he said, "I like trains."


  • "I like trains."
  • "I feel great!"
  • "I'm gonna step on Mine Turtle!..." (flipnote)


  • The I Like Trains Kid was modeled and voiced by Edd Gould who passed away in 2012 (in which Nathan O'Brien will be the character's replacement voice.)
  • In Asdfmovie9, a man called answered his phone and got hit by a train. In Asdfmovie10, Jake said to his companion: "Hey, here comes that trainsgender guy!"
  • YouTuber Brent deCarlos created a Flipnote where the I Like Trains Kid steps on the Mine Turtle.