The I Like Trains Kid is one of the characters who first appeared in Asdfmovie2. The only thing he ever says was "I like trains!". Whenever he says his catchphrase, a person (normally him or someone nearby) is hit by a train.


I like trains boy

According to the "I Like Trains" song, he was unexpectedly silent at birth. This remained until he finally entered school, when the teacher asked for his name, he said his popular catchphrase, "I like trains."


  • "I like trains."


  • The I Like Trains Kid was modeled and voiced by Edd Gould who passed away in 2012 (the character has not made a physical appearance since before Gould's death, with his appearances in asdfmovie9 and asdfmovie10 being offscreen using archival audio of Gould).