Season 1, Episode 1

Air date Jul 30, 2012
Written by N/A
Directed by N/A


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Htfmovie is the first season of Htfmovie series.

List of skits Edit

  • Tree powers
  • Die, ant
  • Cactus
  • Salad
  • Something on your face
  • Pony
  • Evil Flippy
  • I spilt my milk
  • Banana fight/Quick! shoot me in the face
  • Catch
  • Time machine
  • Pointless button
  • I can't read
  • Gullible
  • Hello, parking meter
  • I baked you a pie
  • What are you up to Son?
  • Who's gay
  • Screw gravity
  • Mine field
  • Pie
  • Flippy the Moon Bear
  • New camera
  • The Science Show
  • You're getting mugged
  • Who parked their car on my sandwich?!
  • Die, ant 2
  • A man or a mouse
  • Nice hat
  • You two should kiss
  • Do a internet
  • Throw the cheese
  • Mine turtle
  • Random
  • Do a internet 2
  • Die, ant 3/I like trains

Transcripts Edit

(intro plays)


Cuddles: Somebody help me! I'm being robbed!

(Lifty and Shifty laugh)

Splendid: I'll save you! Tree powers activate!

(Splendid turning in a tree)


Sniffles: Die, ant!

Ant: Noooooooooooo--

(Ant gets eaten by Sniffles)


Pop: Now son, don't touch that cactus.

(Cub is pulled onto cactus)



Cuddles: Aw what is happening why would you do this i can't even-




Splendont: There's something on your face!

(punches Splendid in the face)

Splendont: IT WAS PAIN!

(punches Splendont in the face)


Flippy: I wonder if my pony can fly?

(Unicorn flys up in the air)

Flippy: Ah!


(music from Party Animal and then stops)

Toothy: Please don't hurt me...

(Flippy laughing for justice)


Lifty: Oh no, I spilled my milk.

Shifty: You killed us all!

Lifty: NOOOOO... (house floods with milk and drowns Lifty and Shifty)


Truffles: Banana fight!

Flippy: (shoots Truffles) NO!

(Truffles dies and revived)

(Truffles rushes up to Flippy)

Truffles: Quick! Shoot me in the face!

(Flippy whips out gun and fires)


Pop: Hey, son! Catch! (throws ball)

Cub: Okay, dad! I'm gonna get it! I'm gonna get--(gets squashed by ball which never changed size to match perspective)


(time machine appears)

Sniffles: It worked! My time machine wo--(gets stepped on by a steg-o-saurus)

Steg-o-saurus: I am a steg-o-saurus!


(Splendid pressing pointless button)


Splendid: Hm.(flys away)


(Lumpy looking at Stop sign)

Lumpy: Ha, ha, I can't read.

(car crashed him)


Jeff the Killer: Hey, it says gullible on the ceiling!

(Russell looks up)

Russell: Oh, yeah. So it does ---- Aw, you stole my lungs!


The Mole: Hello, parking meter.

Lumpy: Hello!

(The Mole surprised up)


Flippy: I baked you a pie!

Petunia: Oh, boy! What flavor?

Flippy: What so what! BOOM! flavor.

(a tiny pie pops out of the pie while electric guitar music plays)

(a tiny grenede pops out of tiny pie while electric guitar music plays and exploded)


Pop: What are you up to, son?

Cub: I like trains.

Pop: (laughs) Yes, you do.


Shifty: Hey, you know who's gay? Yo-(he gets hit by train)


Splendid: Pfff...screw gravity!

(floats away, and falls down)


Russell: Hey, kid! You can't skate here!

Cuddles: You can't tell me what to do!

(Cuddles is blown up by a mine in a minefield)


Cub: I wanna be a pie! (shift to pie in an oven)

Pop: AHH!



Flippy: How did I get here?

The End.


(Sniffles and Mime are shown)

Flippy: Hey guys check out my new camera!

(fires gun at Sniffles)

Flippy: Oh wait this isn't the camera.



Truffles: Piano!

(A piano crashes on Flippy and does a low note)

Truffles: Whose idea was this?

(Jeff the Killer is angry to Sniffles)


Lifty: (brandishing a revolver) You gettin' mugged, kid!

Cuddles: (shaping hands into "guns") Nope. YOU'RE getting mugged.



Flippy: Who parked their car... on my sandwich?!

Lumpy: I did!

Flippy: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Flippy becomes infuriated and explodes)


Sniffles: Die, ant!

(Ant pulls out a gun)

Ant: Not today!


W.A.R. Journal chief: What are you? A man or a mouse?

(Mouse Ka-Boom is shown)


Splendont: Nice hat.

Russell: Thanks.

Splendont: I was being sarcastic.

Russell: Yeah, well, I stole your face.

(Splendont feels where his face used to be)


Giggles: It's so beautiful out here.

Cuddles: Yeah, it's just me, you, and the moon.

Flippy: Hey, you two should kiss!


Sniffles: Well, I'm gonna do a book! (touches an open book)

Truffles: I'm gonna do an internet! (presses a mouse)


Cuddles: (spots a flying saucer) Alien attack!

Cuddles: Throw... the CHEEEEEEEEESE!

(Flippy shoots a flying saucer)

(Lumpy hugs Flippy)

(Cuddles throws Lumpy's cheese)


Disco Bear: Hello, mine turtle!

Mine turtle: Hello!

(Handy steps on turtle)

Handy: Oh- (Explosion)


Sneaky: D'ya ever get tired of being random?

(Mime and Cro-Marmot is seen, but Nutty spins like Taz)

Sneaky: Me neither.


(Truffles clicks at Nyan Cat video and clicks My Little Pony Song)

(Flippy surprised and shoots computer)


Sniffles: Die, ant!

Ant: Noooooooo!

Cub: I like trains

Sniffles: OhnonononoWAIT!

(Sniffles and Ant get hit by train)

(Cub smiles)

(credit rolls)

Characters Edit

  1. Cuddles
  2. Pop
  3. Cub
  4. Mouse Ka-Boom
  5. W.A.R. Journal chief
  6. Sneaky
  7. Mole
  8. Truffles
  9. Sniffles
  10. Ant
  11. Flippy
  12. Disco Bear
  13. Toothy
  14. Handy
  15. Splendid
  16. Splendont
  17. Lifty & Shifty
  18. Jeff the Killer
  19. Mime
  20. Nutty
  21. Cro-Marmot (unfrozen)
  22. Russell
  23. Lumpy

Trivia Edit

  • In the skits, "Evil Flippy" Flippy tries to kill Toothy like in Party Animal.
  • In the skits, "Random" Sneaky first says and Cro-Marmot is unfrozen, but Nutty spins like in Party Animal.
  • In the skits, "Time Machine" Sniffles' time machine is similiar likes it in Blast from the Past.