Hello Parking Meter!

Hello Parking Meter!

Hello Parking Meter!

Hello Parking Meter is an asdfmovie skit that only appeared in the original Asdfmovie.

Synopsis Edit

A man salutes a parking meter. Much to his surprise, the parking meter replies.


  • Man: Hello parking meter!
  • Parking Meter: Hello!
  • Man: gasp

Trivia Edit

  • This asdfmovie skit might have caught the inspiration for the Mine Turtle skit in asdfmovie5, considering how both skits have a person saying hello to a particular object/ animal and the latter replying.
  • This asdfmovie skit would later be reused as part of one of Tomska's scrapped projects, "The Tomska Song", which features the best of Tomska's videos complied into a song, including asdfmovie.