Harold was the father of the I Like Trains Kid and the Unlucky Girl. He had several wives such as a chair and a psychopathic jewlery-obsessed woman.


What are you up to Son?Edit

Harold asks his son, the I Like Trains Kid, "What are you up to, son?" The I Like Trains Kid answers, "I like trains." Then, Harold laughs and says, "Hahaha, yes, you do."

Why is the Baby On Fire?Edit

Harold asks his wife, "Honey, why is the baby on fire?" His wife says, "BUY ME MORE JEWELRY!!"


A random woman asks Harold if he likes his new shoes, but Harold tells her that she is a chair, resulting in her saying, "I CAN DREAM, HAROLD!"

Drawing A BearEdit

Harold asks his daughter, "What are you drawing, honey?" His daughter answers, "I'm drawing a bear!" Then, Desmond the Moonbear says, "How did I... get here?"

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