Harold is an asdfmovie character and the father of the I Like Trains Kid and the Unlucky Girl. He had several wives such as a chair and a psychopathic jewlery-obsessed woman.

Appearances in skitsEdit

What are you up to Son? - asdfmovie2Edit

Harold asks his son, the I Like Trains Kid, "What are you up to, son?" The I Like Trains Kid answers, "I like trains." Then, Harold laughs and says, "Hahaha, yes, you do."

Why is the Baby On Fire? - asdfmovie3Edit

Harold asks his wife, "Honey, why is the baby on fire?" His wife says, "BUY ME MORE JEWELRY!!"

Chair - asdfmovie4Edit

A random woman asks Harold if he likes her new shoes, but Harold tells her that she is a chair, resulting in her saying, "I CAN DREAM, HAROLD!"

What are you Drawing Honey? - asdfmovie5Edit

Harold asks his daughter, "What are you drawing, honey?" His daughter answers, "I'm drawing a bear!" Then, Desmond the Moonbear says, "How did I... get here?"

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