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Asdfmovie - The Lama story



The driving llama is a llama recklessly driving a car around in asdfmovies 2 and 5.

In Asdfmovie 2Edit

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending plot details start here.

A man says, "Hah, they said I could never teach a llama to drive!" The llama is then shown inside of the car, screaming as it drives toward a cliff. The man says, "No, llama, nooo!" before the llama drives off the cliff.

In Asdfmovie 5Edit

A man says to the Mine Turtle, "Oh, no. I am NOT stepping on you." The Driving Llama then crashes his falling car on top of the man, before getting out and running away. The Mine Turtle then says, "Hello!"

SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler warning ends here.

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