"Everybody do the flop!" - Dougal Flopguy

Dougal Flopguy (also known as Do the Flop Guy; born November 3, 1976) is an asdfmovie character that appeared in asdfmovie6 and asdfmovie7. He is most famously known for his controversial dance move The Flop.



  • "Everybody do the Flop!!!"
  • "Shoot it down!" (while fighting the aliens)

Biography Edit

He was born with 2 left feet. One of his 2 left feet had to be replaced with a right foot, so that he would be normal. Well his dance move didn't go to well. The flop ended the world maybe so flopping is bad and not flopping is good everyone did the flop when Dougal Flopguy tried to make a new dance move and nobody liked the new dance move at all they thought it was boring.

Voiced By Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In one of the outtakes during the end credits of The Asdfmovie, Dougal Flopguy accidentally crashes into a window, because he slid in to far.

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