Doctor I think I might be a homosexual!00:07

Doctor I think I might be a homosexual!



Doctor! is a skit from Asdfmovie2 and Asdfmovie8.

Script from the Subtitles of Asdfmovie2Edit

Man: Doctor, I think I might be a homosexual.

Doctor: How can you tell?

Man: (Barfs rainbows) RAAAIINNBOOOWWWS!

Script from the Subtitles of Asdfmovie8 Edit

Man: Doctor, I'm afraid of backstories.

Doctor: When did this all start?



  • Also there is an extended skit used for Tomska Scap'd Week 2 when after barfing follows to the doctor gets happy and shows a montage of the guy barfing on different people with a song.
  • This sketch marks the first appearance of the doctor, whom would later go on to appear in other asdfmovies, treating other patients facing other illnesses and problems.

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