Die, potato!00:04

Die, potato!

Die, Potato is an asdfmovie recurring sketch that appeared in asdfmovie, asdfmovie2 and asdfmovie3.
Die, Potato not today00:06

Die, Potato not today

Die Potato I like Trains00:06

Die Potato I like Trains.



  • (Man points at potato)
  • Man: Die, Potato!
  • Potato: Nuuuuuuuu!
  • (Man steps on Potato)


  • (Man points at potato)
  • Man: Die, Potato!
  • Potato: (pulls out gun) NOT TODAY!
  • (Man looks scared)


  • (Man points at potato)
  • Man: Die, Potato!
  • Potato: Nuuuuuuuuu!

(Train hits Man and Potato)

(I Like Trains Kid Smiles)




  • The scene from Asdfmovie2 is the only time the potato doesn't die.
  • The scene from Asdfmovie2 is also the only one to have him not looking normal.
  • The potato also appeared in the Mine Turtle music video and the Everybody Do The Flop music video.
  • In Asdfmovie 4, the news paper that Harold reads has the headlines saying "POTATO FOUND DEAD", a reference to the recurring sketch.
  • "Die Potato" is the first ever recurring sketch in the Asdfmovie series.

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