Die, potato!00:04

Die, potato!

Die, Potato is the eighth scene of the original Asdfmovie. It also made an appearance in Asdfmovie2. and Asdfmovie3. The Potato appeared in the Do the flop song and Mine turtles song.
Die, Potato not today00:06

Die, Potato not today

Die Potato I like Trains00:06

Die Potato I like Trains.



  • (Man points at potato)
  • Man: Die, Potato!
  • Potato: Nuuuuuuuu!
  • (Man steps on Potato)


  • (Man points at potato)
  • Man: Die, Potato!
  • Potato: (pulls out gun) NOT TODAY!
  • (Man looks scared)


  • (Man points at potato)
  • Man: Die, Potato!
  • Potato: Nuuuuuuuuu!

(Train hits Man and Potato)

(I Like Trains Kid Smiles)




  • The scene from Asdfmovie2 is the only time the potato doesn't die.
  • The scene from Asdfmovie2 is also the only one to have him not looking normal.
  • He uses his arm to hold the gun as he doesn't have hands
  • He also appeared in the Mine Turtle song and Do the Flop song
  • Because of this, the only song so far he isn't in is the I like Trains Song
  • In Asdfmovie 4 the news paper that Harold says "Potato found dead"
  • Die Potato is the first recurring sketch in the Asdfmovies.

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