In the asdfmovies, the characters die due to some of the insane acts. Below are the shown deaths so far.

asdfmovie Edit

Potato Edit

In the Die Potato skit, the potato was crushed by a man's foot. He gets his revenge in the next asdfmovie.

Cake Edit

In the Cake skit, The cake is attempted to be cut into slices. However, he reacts very strongly and jumps off the table, much to the sadness of his two cake children.

Cake's children Edit

When the Cake falls to his death, he squishes his children to death.

asdfmovie2 Edit

"I Like Singing" Girl Edit

In the I Like Trains skit, She, alongside the "I Like Trains" and "I Like Dancing" kids, possibly, gets run over by the "I Like Trains" Kid's created train.

"I Like Dancing" Boy Edit

In the I Like Trains skid, He, alongside the "I Like Trains" Kid and "I Like Singing" Girl, possibly, gets run over by the "I Like Trains" Kid's created train.

Kitten Fight Victim Edit

In the Kitten Fight skit, a kitten is thrown at him causing him to die from a severe allergic reaction to adorableness.

"You Know Who's Gay" Guy Edit

In the Who's Gay skit, he is run over by a train, despite the "I Like Trains" Kid being nowhere in sight.

Gay Guy Edit

In the Who's Gay skit, As the "You Know Who's Gay" Guy is about to call him gay, a train comes to run the duo over, despite the "I Like Trains" Kid being nowhere in sight.

asdfmovie3 Edit

Jim Edit

Jim says goodbye to the world, then shoots himself. The world, however, did not expect his death.

Son Edit

The man's son floats onto a prickly cactus.

Camera Man's Friend Edit

The friend is shot by the "camera", which is actually a gun.

Potato Edit

The potato is run over by the train created by the "I Like Trains" Kid.

"Die Potato" Man Edit

When he is about to crush the potato, he gets runs over by the train created by the "I Like Trains" Kid.

asdfmovie4 Edit

Skateboarder Edit

He ignores the police officer's warning about skating in the minefield and detonates a mine.

Billy Edit

He wishes to be a pie and bakes himself in the oven.

Time Traveler Edit

He travels back in time but, he gets crushed by the "Stegosaurus".

Random Man Edit

He rushes in to tell the other man to quickly shoot him in the face. The man does so.

Son Edit

The man's tiny son is crushed when he fails to catch the giant ball.

Banana Fighter Edit

The man starts a banana fight but, he ends up getting shot in the forehead.

asdfmovie5 Edit

Mine Turtle Edit

Mine Turtle explodes when his button is stepped on.

Mine Turtle's Friend Edit

He dies in the explosion caused by Mine Turtle.

Mine Turtle's Pursuer Edit

He dies when he steps on Mine Turtle's button, causing an explosion.

Ledge Man Edit

When he is about to walk off a ledge, he is carried off by an invisible force to the unknown that possibly killed him.

Mine Turtle (Again) Edit

Mine Turtle falls out of the little girl's hands, hitting his button and causing him to explode.

Little Girl Edit

When showing her mother Mine Turtle, the turtle falls out of her hands and explodes.

Little Girl's Mother Edit

She explodes in the Mine Turtle explosion, alongside her daughter.

Holding Man Edit

A man tells him to hold his knife and is stabbed through his stomach.

Mine Turtle Hater Edit

He vows to not step on Mine Turtle, but he ends up getting crushed by a llama's car.

asdfmovie6 Edit

Magical Pony Edit

The Magical Pony was shot down by an army man's weapon as it was flying through the sky.

Trumpet Player Edit

He shoots himself with his trumpet.

Mine Turtle Edit

His button is pressed by the foot of a member of the Barber Shop Quartet, causing him to explode.

The 4 Singers Edit

All four of them die in the Mine Turtle explosion caused by a member stepping on the turtle.

Tiny Man Edit

The man explodes which causes his friend to reply with "Apples!"

Daughter Edit

While talking with her father, she draws a picture of a bear in crayon on a real bear's stomach, causing it to eat her whole.

Mother Edit

When feeding her baby, an airplane crashes into the house.

Choking Victim Edit

He chokes to death, but is still able to high-five his friend.

asdfmovie7 Edit

Desmond Edit

Desmond the Moon Bear was revealed to have died from being stuck on the moon for a prolonged amount of time.

"Catch the Knife" Player Edit

She gets shot in the forehead with a gun while playing "Catch the Knife".

Stacey Edit

Stacy shoots herself to avoid going to the prom with Brian.

Jumping Man Edit

He falls off the building when Dougal Flopguy arrives, as he can not resist doing the Flop.

Frowning Man Edit

He is told to turn his frown upside down, so he twists his neck, causing him to die.

asdfmovie8 Edit

Girl Edit

She says that her boyfriend also thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world, then the other girl cuts open her throat.

Orphans Edit

The orphans were all killed by the cow pretending to be a man.

asdfmovie9 Edit

Steven Edit

Steven died when a passerby greeted him, causing him to stop singing and explode.

Jimmy's Dog Edit

Jimmy shoots his dog when his mother tells him to take it out.

Banana's Friend Edit

The banana walks over to see the peel of his friend.

Cell Phone Man Edit

The man answers his cell phone to the voice of the "I Like Trains" Kid. As usual, a train comes to run him over.

Pole Vault Participant Edit

The man is running up to perform the pole vault but, he gets stabbed by the lance of a man who is jousting.

Impressionist Edit

After doing an impression of his or her dead father, the impressionist disappears.

Impressionist's Father Edit

He was dead at the time of the skit he was mentioned in and these footsteps were followed by his son/daughter.

asdfmovie10 Edit

Jumping Man (didn't show) Edit

It can be assumed that the man about to jump jumped off the building after the man watching set up his camera.

Children Edit

The children are shot down by their teacher when they were told to draw.

Apple Balancer Edit

The man balancing the apple on his head is crushed by the tree behind him.

Susie Edit

Susie is hit by a car while chasing the talking basketball.

Jim (balloon) Edit

When let go, Jim the balloon floats to his demise.

"I Like Trains" Witnesses Edit

The witnesses get crushed by the "trainsgender" I Like Trains Kid's train.

Wishing Kid Edit

The kid flies and hits the ceiling after his wish to fly is granted by the genie.

Child Murderer Victim Edit

There is blood on the Child Murderer's knife, implying that the child has already killed someone.

Cannonball Guy Edit

The guy crashes into a pirate ship and explodes.

Baby Edit

The baby is dropped by his/her father when he claps his hands.

asdfmovie: deleted scenes Edit

Brain Cancer Patient Edit

The man is diagnosed with brain cancer, then his head turns into a pineapple and falls off.

Susie (again) Edit

After she is warned not to walk in the road by her mother, Susie thinks she made it across safely, but ends up being crushed by the "Stegosaurus".

Magical Pony (again) Edit

The Magical Pony is hit by an exploding pineapple and its head falls on a bud on the ground, which he loves.

Cliff-side Man Edit

The man is hanging on the edge of a cliff, demanding Super Guy's help. However, Super Guy says no and the man falls to his doom.

Men at Larry's Intervention Edit

At the intervention, Larry is told to stop breaking people's necks. However, this doesn't stop him from breaking the necks and killing the men at the intervention.


Several children are dead at a crime scene. 

Invisible Billy Edit

Due to being invisible, Billy has his head slashed open by the Frisbee due to his friend not seeing him.

Mine Turtle Edit

Mine Turtle explodes, due to his button being pressed by a falling pineapple.

Mine Turtle's Friend Edit

The man dies due to the explosion of Mine Turtle.

Cool Hat Guy Edit

He died because the hat compressed his entire body.

asdfmovie2: deleted scenes Edit

Milk Spiller Edit

His milk is spilled and the other man tells him he then all. He cries out and ends up flooding the room.

Milk Spill Witness Edit

After telling the man who spilled his milk that he killed them all, he drowns in the flooded room caused by the spiller's crying.

Sandwich Eater Edit

He explodes in anger over a car being parked on his sandwich.

Car Driver Edit

After claiming that he parked on the other man's sandwich, he dies in the explosion of anger.

asdfmovie: deleted scene Edit

Cat Edit

The cat is body slammed by the Man after he said body slam.

asdfmovie songs Edit

Characters in the "I Like Trains" song Edit

All but four characters died in the "I Like Trains" song. Some of those that died include, Guest at his wedding, other school students, his date, his teacher, and himself.

Characters in the "Mine Turtle" song Edit

The following characters were blown up by Mine Turtles, Bobby, Muffin thrower, Muffin Victim, Skater Kid, Stop Sign guy, Nameless men, Caveman, Aliens, and a majority of the Stegosauruses.

Characters in the "Do the Flop" song Edit

Some characters in the "Do the Flop" song died including, guy falling into spikes, flop concert attendees, and random people doing the flop around Dougal Flopguy