Asfadsfsfasfdasa is a song by Different Heaven ft. TomSka.

List of charactersEdit

  1. I Baked You A Pie (Asdfmovie2)
  2. Catch (Asdfmovie4)
  3. Do A Internet (Asdfmovie4)
  4. You're Getting Mugged (Asdfmovie4)
  5. Banana Fight (Asdfmovie4)
  6. Throw the Cheese (Asdfmovie4)
  7. Cake (Asdfmovie)
  8. Falling Down The Stairs (Asdfmovie5)
  9. Mine Turtle (Asdfmovie5)
  10. Video Games (Asdfmovie5)
  11. Go To The Moon (Asdfmovie4)
  12. Go To The Moon (Again)
  13. Desmond The Moon Bear (Asdfmovie2)



Please, if you're epileptic, don't watch this video.

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