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Sign in to avoid being a accussed for vandalism and that we can keep track of your edits, anyone who hasn't that vandalises any page or makes irrelivant pages will be insantly blocked. Also Because of My Frequent absence I've Chose Gamemonster as back up admin, ask him if you have problems, if he's unable to answer your question then you may ask me - Mafia Madness Is MAH series! 00:42, March 5, 2012 (UTC)


1. You cannot make Fake or Fan-made Pages

Fake Pages are irrelviant to this wiki and Fan-Made ASDFmovies (Excluding ASDFcomp Videos) aren't allowed. If you create a new page for a Asdfmovie or an Asdfcomp entry, you must provide a video link as proof. You'll recieve a warning upon creaton but if you haven't registered you will be instantly blocked.

2. Pic from the episodes ONLY. (No recolours)

You must only use pics from the ASDFmovies and ASDFComp entries, They Must not be fan-Made and must remain it's orginial Colours, It is Okay to use Coloured Images and Fan-Made ones on your user Page. But they must be a sepreate .PNG. Anyone who disobeys will receive a warning (If you are unregistered and disobey this rule you will be blocked)

3. No spam comments

If you see comments that frequently repeat one word over, or have massive spaces please tell an admin, after an admin has been alerted, that comment will be most likely be deleted an the creator of the comment warned.

How the warning system works.


If you are caught breaking one of the 3 rules above. You will be warned, after the third warning, you will be blocked for 3 months. After you have done your time for your crime, Your warnings will be cleared, however if you break the rules 3 times again, you will be blocked for a longer period of time.


However, if you are unregistered, and you break one of the 3 rules, you will be instantly blocked.

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