Asdfmovie 7  is the third most recent asdfmovie animated by "Tomska" (AKA Thomas Ridgewell)before asdfmovie 8 and asdfmovie 9. If you're wondering about asdfmovies10, that is a asdfcomp movies. Asdfcomp movies are when a Youtube user creates their own "asdfmovie" with their own drawings. These do not count as real asdfmovies.




1. What did you get for your birthday?

2. Catch the knife

3. Homework

4. Suicidal muffin

5. Prom

6. Take this outside

7. Do the flop 2

8. I'm full

9. Allergies

10. You're fat

11. I am a very tall midget

12. Turn that frown upside down

13. Desmond the moon bear 2

14. Color

15. Want a banana?

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