Asdfmovie deleted scenes

Asdfmovie deleted scenes

Not to be confused with asdfmovie: deleted scene

Asdfmovie: deleted scenes is a collection of skits that never made it into asdfmovie7 released on November 17, 2013. It currently has over 17 million views.



Mother: Have you seen the baby??

Father: No, I think he got outside!

*as the mother leaves, the father's head zips open to reveal the baby*

Baby (deep voice): You fool!

*asdfmovie deleted scenes title and intro plays*

Dougal Flopguy: EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!!


*mailman walks up to customer and repeatedly tries to shove a letter into his chest*

Customer: N- No! Stop it... AAAHH-


Man: I am depressed.


*The man is seen again surrounded by pineapples*

Man: This does not help.


Offscreen Voice: Hey, buddy, look over here!

*the man turns to look and his eyes start melting*

Sun: Ha-ha! Now you're blind!


Larry: What's goin' on, guys?

Guy 1: Larry, this is an intervention. You need to stop breaking people's necks!

*Larry snaps Guy 2's neck*

Larry: What are you talkin' about?

Guy: Larry!

Larry: What?

*Larry is already holding the first man's head in a headlock*

Guy 1: LARRY!

*Larry breaks his neck*


Man 1: Hey, cool hat!

*tries the hat on and disappears as the hat encompasses his entire body*


Mother: No, Susie, don't walk in the road!

Susie: Look, Mom, I made it! *gets stepped on by a stegosaurus*

Stegosaurus: I am a stegosaurus!


*a man is very slowly playing a Jack in a Box tune. The camera pans out to reveal he is standing in the heart of a crime scene being investigated by police.*


Husband: Happy birthday!



Doctor: It's a boy!


Singers: Invisible Billy Adventures!

Friend: Hey, Billy, catch the frisbee!

*the frisbee sails across the shot, creating a small fountain of blood before another erupts on the floor*

Friend: B-Billy?


Doctor: Sir, I'm afraid you have brain cancer.


*The Doctor and patient are surrounded by pineapples, and the patient's head has been replaced with a pineapple*

Doctor: Well, the good news is you don't have brain cancer anymore....

*the patient's pineapple head falls off*


Victim: Save me, SuperGuy!

SuperGuy: No.

*Victim falls to his death*

Victim: You're a diiiiiiiiiiiiiick--

*Victim splats into the ground*


*static shots of an apple and orange with faces drawn on*

Young DaneBoe: Hey, apple! Apple! Apple! Hey, apple!

Father: Well, we failed! *cocks shotgun* Don't look, honey!


Guy: Hello, Mine Turtle!

Mine Turtle: Hello!


*They are surrounded by pineapples, before a falling one hits Mine Turtle's button, killing them both*


Singer: He's a magical pony flying through the s-

*pony suddenly gets destroyed by the pineapple that activated the Mine Turtle, and his head lands on the shoulders of a bud on the ground.*

Bud: I love it!

*credits roll*

Bully: Hey. You know who's gay?

*they are immediately shown holding hands as the Wedding March plays*

Bully: Us.

*ending sequence*

Bully/TomSka: Hey! You should buy some asdfmovie T-shirts at! I wanna buy a boat! Oh, yeah!


  • The sun from Look Over Here looks like the sun from You're Fat.
  • This is the last asdfmovie to use the pony.
  • Its possible that the kid from "Annoying Orange" is the actor of the annoying orange.
  • The Magical Pony 2 Skit is a reference to another one of TomSka's Video "HORSE", The Story is a killer lady that sounds like a men with a horse head!

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