Not to be confused with asdfmovie: deleted scenes or asdfmovie2: deleted scenes.

asdfmovie: deleted scene is a deleted sketch originally uploaded by PivotRJ (now GlassCake), one of the animators on the original asdfmovie. It was uploaded before July 11, 2009. It was deleted, but it is now reuploaded.


(There is piano music in the background. A cat is looking at a man offscreen. Then cut to the man, then the man smiles. The cat has a huge smile, while the man does, too. Then they do puppy eyes at each other. and then...)

Man: Body slam!

(The man is in the air. Then he squashes the cat.)

(Then it shows an advertisement for the original asdfmovie, and an advert for the now defunct shirt. It says-)