Asdfmovie9 is the 9th installment of the asdfmovie series. It was uploaded to YouTube on August 7, 2015.

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Mom: Jimmy, take out the dog!
Jimmy: (puts on a pair of glasses) Yes, mother. (shoots the dog)
Mom: For a walk, Jimmy!
(title screen)
Steven: (singing) It's a lovely day to walk down the road, and if I ever stop singing I will explode!
Guy: Hey, Steven!
Steven: What have you done? (explodes)
Woman: Aw, what's his name?
Dog: His name is David.
David: Hello, I am David!
Little Boy: Can Susy come out to play?
Mother: Sure! (Susy bursts out of the mother's uterus)
Little Boy and Susy: Yaaaay! (runs off)
Girl: Dad, I'm hungry.
Dad: Hi, Hungry! I'm Dad!
Girl: Why did you name me this way?
Mugger: (Points gun that goes cock) You're gonna die!
Mr. Suicide: We're all gonna die.
(the mugger thinks, then lowers his gun looking sad)
(Close up of a banana skin)
(sound of footfalls)
(Zooms out as another banana enters the screen, and looks at skin to gasp in horror)
Girl: Ooh, a butterfly!
John: Honey, no!
Girl: (carried away by a butterfly) Whee!
Butterfly: She's mine now, John.
Guy 1: Are you hungry?
Guy 2: No, I'm crazy! (Hammy is revealed to be talking to a cactus)
(still shot of stairs)
Guy: Whoops!
(Guy is seen tumbling up the stairs)
Guy: Excuse me, are you going to eat that?
Baby: (gurgling)
Woman: No... You can have it!
Guy: Thank you! (takes the baby and leaves)
(A guy is standing with his phone buzzing and ringing. He answers it)
I Like Trains Kid: I like trains.
(The aforementioned guy is hit by a train coming out of the phone)
(a pole-valuter runs down the track, and jams the pole in the ground before being impaled by a knight on a horse)
Girl: Honey, I'm pregnant! (she is revealed to be talking to a lady)
Girl: I can explain!
Mother: I think we should be friends. (leaves him)
Guy: Mother?
Guy: Ooh, I wonder what this does? (presses a button) Oh, I'm gay now. Huh.
Guy 1: Hey, wanna see an impression of my dad?
Guy 2: Sure!
(Guy 1 is gone)
Guy 2: (chuckles and zooms in) Comedy.
(end screen)


  • The I Like Trains skit returns after a 3 episode absence since asdfmovie6.
  • TomSka cites his parents' marriage falling apart as part of the reason behind the parent abandonment jokes in this particular installment.
  • The two characters in the "You're Gonna Die" skit are voiced by Dan and Phil.


  • Animator: Ben Smallman
  • Directed and Written by Tomska
  • Music by Todd Bryanton
  • Film Editor: Elliot Gould

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