Asdfmovie8 (object show version)
Season 1, Episode 8

Air date 1 January, 2014
Written by N/A
Directed by N/A


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Asdfmovie8 (object show version) is 8th episode of Asdfmovie (object show version) series.

Transcripts Edit

Microphone: Ooh, baby! I love you baby!

Soap: Stay away from my baby!

Teddy: *Unnaturally Deep Voice* But mother, I love him.

(intro plays)


Woody: Doctor, I'm afraid of backstories!

Match: When did this all start?

Woody: Well- *zooming on his face* AAAAAAAH!!!


Pencil: Hey! What time is it?


Match: Uuh, actually, it's 12:30...

(awkward silence)

Cake: ...Somebody kill me!


Test Tube: Miss, you need to pay for your food!

Lightbulb: Nope! (hurks up cookies and leaves)


Leafy: Oh, Timmy, don't cry! (Teddy cries) Seriously, Timmy, cut it out! (Teddy still crying) TIMMY! This is the worst date ever.


Narrator (Adam Katz)And now, a cow pretending to be a man.

Balloony: Alan, are you a cow?

Balloon: What? No!

Cow: Yeah, me neither, you guys want to go skatebords?


Bubble: My boyfriend said I'm the most beautiful girl in the world!

Pin: Hehehe! My boyfriend said that too!

Evil Bubble: (stabs Pin) *demonic voice* THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.


Woody: Oh no! Giant flying SHEEP!

Blocky: ...Those are clouds.

Woody: *Zooming in on face* NOOOOOO!!!


Coiny: You're leavin' me?

Needle: Sorry Eddie, I've met a REAL man.

Cow: Hi, babe, yes, I am real man. You want to go skatebords?


(dachshund panting)

Tulip: You're adopted!

(High-pich dunn plays)

(dachshund saddens)


(Window presses a button on the elevator, then leaves just before it opens up)

Old Map: You darn kids get off my property!


Trophy: Knock knock! Who is there? A mirror! I am lonely...


TSFTM Microphone: Would you like to see a magic trick!?

TSFTM Burger: (smiling; zooming in on happy face) ...No!


Present: Aww, look at the little baby!

Little Teddy: (baby sound)

Present: And now look at the big baby!

Big Teddy: *deep voice* ...Wah.


Knife: The orphans... They're all dead! What kind of man would do this!?

Cow: (going "skateboards" through a pile of the dead orphans) ...Skateboards.