Asdfmovie6 (object show version)
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 9 December, 2013
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Asdfmovie5 (object show version)
Asdfmovie7 (object show version)
Asdfmovie6 (object show version) is 6th episode of Asdfmovie (object show version) series.

Transcripts Edit

Mario Hat: I'm going to punch your face... (Luigi Hat gasps) the face!


Face in face: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Face in face gets punched)

(intro plays)


Controlly: Hello, and welcome to Standing-Up School. (Slurpy falls) Aaaaaaaaaaaand you fail. (pointing stick at Slurpy who fell)


(Microphone plays trumpet)

MePhone4: Hey! You got a license for that?

Microphone: You'll never take me alive! (blows trumpet into her ear, like shooting herself with a gun, killing herself)


Door: Knock knock!

Party Hat: Who's there?

Door: (slamming open on Party Hat) THE DOOR!


MePhone4: Hey, did you know that carrots are good for your eyesight?

MePhone4S: (sticks carrots in his eyes) You lied to me.


Microphone: Hello...

Suitcase: Hello...

Baseball: Hello...

(Nickel steps on a Mine Turtle)

Mine Turtle: Hello!

All Singers: OH NO! (Mine Turtle and singers explode)


Soap: Ooh, a puppy!

MePhone4: Oh, careful honey! he has a knife.

Dog: Wha-? N-No, I don't!


Casey: (slides into crowd) EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!

(Suitcase, Binder and Casey flops face first on the ground)


Rocky (offscreen): Hello, burger!

TSFTM Burger: I used to be a cow...

Rocky: Oh!


Narrator (Adam Katz)And now, the funniest thing you've ever seen from really far away.

Bomby: (Gibberishly) Have you heard about the banjo?


TSFTM Trophy: Apples!


Singer: ~He's a magical pony flying through the sky on a magical journey just for you and I!~

MePhone5S: Shoot it down.

(MePhone5 fires cannon at Puffball)

(Puffball explodes)


(Baguette looks at his watch)

Baguette: I have no idea how to breathe.


II Trophy: What are you drawing, honey?

TSFTM Trophy: I'm drawing a bear!

(Teddy eats her)


Leafy: Quick, don't think about cats!

(Puffball pukes out a load of rainbows)


Pepper: Here comes the airplane!

Salt: (opens mouth)

(airplane crashes into Hotel OJ)

(credits roll)

(Bow chokes)

Marshmallow: Is anybody here a doctor?

Leafy: I am!

Marshmallow: Well, you're a nerd!

(choking Bow gets unconscious and hi-fives Marshmallow)

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