Asdfmovie6 is the sixth movie in the Asdfmovie series. It was released on February 9, 2013.

Voice Actors

  • Bernard Duke as Face Puncher
  • TomSka as Mine Turtle / Burger / Guy Who Jams Carrots in His Eyes 
  • Jason Steele as Puppy
  • Chole Dungate as Mother
  • Michael Stevens as Guy Talking About Carrots
  • Dean Dobbs as Guy Getting Punched
  • Brock Baker as Cop
  • Todd Bryanton as Do The Flop Guy
  • Sean Klitzner


Serious Guy: I'm going to punch your face!

(Victim gasps)



Face of victim’s face: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO- (gets punched)

(asdfmovie6 title screen music playing)


Teacher: Hello, welcome to Standing Up School. (One student falls) And you fail. (points stick at the student who fell)


(Guy plays trumpet)

Policeman: Hey, you got a license for that?

Guy: You'll never take me alive!

(blows trumpet into his ear, like shooting himself with a gun, killing himself)


Door: (muffled) Knock, knock!

Man: Who's there?

Door: (slamming open on the man) The door!


Guy 1: Hey, did you know that carrots are good in your eyesight?

(Guy 2 sticks carrots in his eyes)

Guy 2: (deep voice) You lied to me!


Singer 1: Hello...

Singer 2: Hello...

Singer 3: Hello...

(Singer 4 steps on Mine Turtle)

Mine Turtle: Hello!

All Singers: Oh, no!

(Mine Turtle and singers explode)


Woman: Ooh, a puppy!

Man: Oh, careful honey. He has a knife!

Dog: Eeh, what? No, no. I don't!


Do the Flop Guy: (slides into crowd) Everybody do the flop!!!

(everybody flops face first on the ground)


Guy (offscreen): Hello, burger!

Burger: I used to be a cow.

Guy (Offscreen): Oh!


Narrator: And now, the funniest thing you've ever seen from really far away.

Other Guy 1 (in volume 3): Hey, do you have a menu?

(Banjo and Other Guy 2 explodes in volume 3)

Other Guy 1 (in volume 3): Apples!


Singers (singing): He's a magical pony flying through the sky. On a magical journey just for you and I-

Army Guy 1: Shoot him down.

(Army Guy 2 fires cannon at pony)

(Magical Pony explodes)


(Man looks at his watch)

Man: I have no idea how to breathe.


Dad: What are you drawing, honey? 

Daughter: I'm drawing a bear! (Is revealed to be drawing the bear on a bear)

Bear: Nom.


Guy 1: Quick, don't think about cats!

(Guy 2 pukes out lots of cats)


Mom: Here comes the airplane!

I Like Planes Kid: (opens mouth)

(airplane crashes into a house, Mom and I Like Planes Kid died)

(credits roll)

(Stupid 2 choked)

Stupid 1: Is anybody here a doctor?

Doctor: I am!

Stupid 1: Well, you're a nerd!

(Stupid 2 died and hi-five with Stupid 1)

(credits roll continue)


  • If you look closely, TomSka's signature was added unlike the other asdfmovies.
  • The I Like Trains Kid appears as a baby in "Here comes the Airplane" scene.
  • Mine Turtle returns in the "Hello" sketch.
  • This is the most view and likes in all asdfmovies which is over 200,000 likes and over 13,000,000 views!
  • The Three Stooges' "Hello" chord was featured in this asdfmovie.
    • ​This is also the most popular in the Series.
  • Running gagA guy doing a faceplant on the floor which is a plank movement.
  • "The funniest thing you've ever seen from far away" scene had people in which one of them was caught in an explosion. This might be caused by the Mine Turtle. This may also be the guy from the parked car scene from Asdfmovie2: deleted scenes.
  • The Policeman from the trumpet scene has the same voice and design as the policeman from the "You can't skate here" sketch in asdfmovie4.
  • The Pony skit form asdfmovie 5 returns in this episode.

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