Asdfmovie2: deleted scenes is a continuation of Asdfmovie2. It was uploaded on 8 January 2010. The description of the video claims that the skits featured in the video, were candidates for asdfmovie2, but were cut from the episode by TomSka. It is one of the least popular asdfmovie videos, with over 18 million views. The video is 5 seconds long and has 4 skits.

List of Skits Edit

asdfmovie2: deleted scenes
Season , Episode 2-2 (movie is an add-on to the second movie, asdfmovie2)

Air date 8 January 2010
Written by TomSka
Directed by TomSka
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Asdfmovie 2
marmite is terrible (asdfmite)


(asdfmovie2: deleted scenes intro)


Guy 1: Oh, no, I spilled my milk!

Guy 2: You've killed us all!

Guy 1: NOOOOOOOOO-- (house floods with milk and drowns both men. They gurgle.)


Teenager: Who parked their car...on my sandwich?!

Father: I did!

Teenager: gggrrrraaaAAARRRGGGGHHH--- (explodes)


Guy: Why won't this damn fax machine work?!

(fax machine rumbles and turns into a giant robot)


(guy is ecstatic)


Astronaut 1: Are we there yet?

Astronaut 2: (sigh) Yes.

Astronaut 1: Yaaaaaaaay! (jumps out of shuttle and realizes the other astronaut lied) Ah, crap.

(asdfmovie2: deleted scenes outro)

Text: These skits didn't make the cut because they were either too long or not funny enough They will be missed music by 2gi

Trivia Edit

  • This is the shortest asdfmovie video released as of up to date.
  • On My Sandwich! is portrayed by the movie Iron Man 3.
  • Feed me paper is portrayed by the movie Transformers.