(guy is about to jump off the top of a building)

Jack: Nooo! Don't jump!!!

(Jack pulls out video camera)

Jack: Okay! Now jump!

*Title Screen*


Phil: You want a piece of me?!

Dan: Yeah!

(Phil takes off a piece of his torso)

Phil: Well, here you go then!

Dan: Thanks!

(Dan walks away)


Mother: Hey kids! Who's ready to draw?

Kids: Me! Me! Me!

Mother: Okay then...

(Mother pulls out gun)

Mother: Draw!

(Mother and Kids shoot at each other)


Sam: Okay! Hit the apple!

(arrow hits the apple)

Sam: Yaaaay!

(tree falls onto Sam)


3D Guy #1: Hey! What time is it?!

3D Guy #2: It's medication time!

(3D Guy #2 takes pills and reverts them into their 2D selves)

3D Guy #2: This is better.


Basketball: Haha! Chase me, Suzie! Chase me!

(Suzie gets hit by a car)

Basketball: *deep voice* Mmm... Good...


Girl: Heeey... I'm not like OTHER girls... I have... SNAKE ARMS.

(exposes snake arms to loud music)


Boss: I'm sorry, Jim, but I'm gonna have to let you go.

Jim: No, please! (Zooms out and Jim is revealed to be a balloon, Mr. Boss lets him go) Noooo!!!


Near Boy: (points away) Is this you?

Far Boy: Yes!

Near Boy: 'Allo!

Far Boy: Hiii!


Jake: Hey, here comes that trainsgender guy!

I Like Trains Kid: I like trains...

*both are hit by a train*


Tommy: I wish I could fly!

Genie: (snaps) Your wish is granted!

Tommy: Yaaay! (Jumps up and hits the ceiling)


Sheep: Beep beep, I'm a sheep, I said beep beep, I'm a sheep!

Sheep #2: Baaaa!


Dave: You know what I hate? Child murderers.

Clark: Oh no! Here comes one now!

Child: (giggling) (chasing people) I'm gonna getcha!


Diver: (jumps) Cannonballllll... (Keeps flying and eventually hits a pirate ship, making it detonate)


Remix Sheep: Beep beep, I'm a sheep! I said beep beep, I'm a sheep. (x2)


Happy Father: My beautiful baby! This is the Happiest Day of my Life!

Lady: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

(Happy Father accidently drops the baby to clap his hands.)


(two women appear, one opens her mouth real wide and someone is inside of there)

Goggles Guy: Have you seen my lemons? I WANT MY LEMONS.


Fat Guy: I don't wanna be fat anymore! (pulls up a gun while crying, eats the gun)


Skateboarding Cow: Meow, meow, I'm a cow, I said Meow Meow I'm a-

Sheep: NO!


TomSka: Hey you! if you like asdfmovie you should probably buy an asdfmovie T-Shirt! I promise I won't spend your money on food! Nah, I'm totally gonna spend it on food.

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