Season 1, Episode 10
Bee Bee Om uh shij

Air date April 1, 2017
Written by TomSka
Directed by TomSka


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Asdfmovie10 is the tenth installment to the asdfmovie series. It was released on April 1, 2017 and currently has over 20 million views.

Script Edit

Transcript is Here!

Cast Edit

  • Jacksepticeye (Man shouting in Don't Jump 2)
  • Dan And Phil
  • Eddie Bowley
  • Erin Breslin
  • Gabriel Brown
  • Luke Cutforth
  • Jack Douglass
  • Chloe Dungate
  • Elliot Gough
  • Edd Gould
  • Rebecca Parham
  • TomSka
  • Mike and Jacob Trueman

Skits Edit


  • The bystander from 'Don't Jump' was voiced by Jacksepticeye.
  • The guy who said "Here comes that Trainsgender Guy" was played by Jack Douglass, aka Jacksfilms.
  • The Skateboard Cow from asdfmovie8 makes a return in the final sketch of this asdfmovie.
  • This asdfmovie marks the return of the Mother, who previously appeared on asdfmovie2 and asdfmovie6. On that note, in her previous appearance, she was being hit by a plane (along with the I Like Trains Kid, as a baby.) which could imply that she might be immortal, just like the I Like Trains Kid.
  • This was the second time kids cheer and the mother says "Hey kids!" The first was in asdfmovie2, and returns back in the skit, "Draw!" and the first time was in the skit, "Cookies".
  • The "Is this you?" joke was written only hours before asdfmovie10's release, as TomSka only wanted to use the funny voice.
  • The "Child Murderers" joke was originally about Child Molesters, but TomSka changed the joke after deciding it might be going too far.