Season First Season, Episode First Episode
Air date August 10, 2008
Written by TomSka
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Asdfmovie (commonly referred as Asdfmovie1) is the first episode in the hit series of the same name, and was uploaded to YouTube on August 10th, 2008. It was created by TomSka, along with the rest of the series. The skit "Got Your Nose" was the opening skit (with a bunch of other skits), while the skit "Who's Gay" is the closing skit. This episode currently has over 58 million views, narrowly beating Asdfmovie2 (with over 55 million views).

List Of SkitsEdit

Transcript Edit

(Baby Giggling)

(man pretends to take the baby's nose)

Man: Got your nose!

(Baby giggling continues)

Officer: Look out! He's got a nose!

(officer fires his gun)

(intro plays)


Guy: You gotta help me man! My tie is evil and it's gonna kill me! (Other guy Backs away)

Guy: Please don't hurt me...

Tie: Muwahahahaha


Man: Hello, parking meter!

Meter: Hello!

(man suprised)


Left: Hey guy, smell my flower


(Random monster coming out of Left's Flower)

Right: LOL!


(guy presses button)

Guy: Hmmmm


Right: Hey man.. OWW!! What the hell is wrong with you!?!?

Announcer: !!LEVEL UP!!


Lady: Somebody help me, I'm being robbed!!

T-Man: I'll save you! Tree powers activate!!

(Hero turning in a tree, POP)


Killer:  Die potato!!

Potato: Nooooooooooo!

( killer stepping on potato)


Man: Mmmm... Yum!

(cutting the cake)

Cake: Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! Why would you do this?!?! I have a wife and family!!


Cake: Aahh... The pain... It's Unbearable!

Man: What have I done?!?!

Cake: Aahhh... Tell My Children I love them...

Cupcakes: DADDY!!!

Cake:Ugghhh...(cake falling on the side of table)


Cupcakes: NOOOOO!!

(cake hitting floor, SPLAT)

(ending credits play)

Right: Hey.. You know who's gay? You.

(left stabs right with a sword)

Right: Aw, come on!!!

(credits continue)


Cast And CrewEdit

  • Animators: James Cunningham
  • Voice Actors: Tomska And Chris Bingham
  • Musicians: Alexander Støver
  • Director: Tomska
  • Writers: Tomska And Chris Bingham (both uncredited)


  • This Asdfmovie marks the first of a few things:
    • The first Asdfmovie in the series.
    • The first currently has the most views of the series, narrowly beating Asdfmovie2.
    • The first asdfmovie to introduce the recurring skits Die Potato and Who's Gay.
    • The only asdfmovie to be animated by James Cunningham.

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