Marmite is terrible (asdfmite)

Marmite is terrible (asdfmite)

Asdfmite  (marmite is terrible) is Tomska's first sponsored video. It was created for the Marmite Hate Party. It is not one of the main asdfmovies. The video currently has over 18 million views. It was uploaded to YouTube on April 20, 2010. This is the second asdfmovie video to be released between asdfmovie2 and asdfmovie3 (first being asdfmovie2: deleted scenes).


marmite finds the pony

marmite makes a new friend

marmite gives directions

marmite gives moral support

marmite saves the day

Transcript Edit

Little girl: Marmite, have you seen my pony?

Marmite: Yes.

(little girl smiles)

Marmite: I ate him.

Little girl: wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Marmite makes a new friend: Marmite is asked why no one likes him, until his friend realizes when he is set alight.

Man: Marmite, why does no one like you?

(man bursts into flames)

Man: Oh yeah...

Marmite gives directions: Marmite gives directions to someone, only that the man crushes his car into a wall.

Guy on telephone: Hey, uh, how do I get to your place again?

(slight mumbling from phone)

Guy on telephone: Ok, thanks. (hangs up cellphone)

(Car crashes in wall)

Marmite gives moral support: Steve is about to get a promotion, but is quickly fired by Marmite's moral support.

Boss: Steve, I'm giving you a promotion.

(Steve smiles)

("Marmite" in black, bold letters briefly appears across screen)

Voiceover: Marmite.

Boss: Yep, now you're fired.

(Steve frowns)

Marmite saves the day: Marmite is seen sleeping with John's wife.

(Opens door)

John: Honey, I'm home-- MARMITE! What are you DOING!?!

(Marmite appears in bed with John's wife)

Marmite: I'm sleeping with your wife, John.

John: Uh, yeah. You are... weird.