The 'Cow Pretending To Be A Man' is a group of 3 skits from asdfmovie8 and 1 skit in asdfmovie10

He is often known for:

AsdfmovieAnd now... a cow pretending to be a man.00:09

AsdfmovieAnd now... a cow pretending to be a man.. a cow pretending to be a man

  • Wanting to skateboard with others.
  • Pretending to be a man.

Script from the Videos Subtitles Edit

Skit 1: Edit

Narrator: "And now... a cow, pretending to be a man."

Man: "Alan, are you a cow?"

Alan: "What?! No!"

Cow: "Yah', me neither! You guys want to go skateboards?"

Skit 2: Edit

Eddie: "You're leavin' me?!"

Zelda (Eddie's Girlfriend): "Sorry Eddie, I've met a REAL man!"

Cow: "Hi babe! Yes I am real man. You want to go skateboards?"

Skit 3: Edit

Man: "The orphans... they're all dead! What kind of man would do this!?"

(Cow enters on skateboard, riding through pile of dead orphans)

(Cow does kick-flip on skateboard)

Cow: (Whispering) "Skateboards."

Skit 4: Edit

Skateboarding Cow: Meow, meow, I'm a cow, I said Meow Meow I'm a-

Sheep: NO!


Eddie's girlfriend (With the cow prentending to be a man)

Cow with Zelda

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that he's the one responsible for killing the orphans because of him being shown in the scene.

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