The 'Cow Pretending To Be A Man' is a group of 3 skits from asdfmovie8 and 1 skit in asdfmovie10

He is often known for:

AsdfmovieAnd now... a cow pretending to be a man.00:09

AsdfmovieAnd now... a cow pretending to be a man.. a cow pretending to be a man

  • Wanting to skateboard with others.
  • Pretending to be a man.

Script from the Videos Subtitles Edit

Skit 1: Edit

Narrator: "And now... a cow, pretending to be a man."

Man: "Alan, are you a cow?"

Alan: "What?! No!"

Cow: "Yah', me neither! You guys want to go skateboards?"

Skit 2: Edit

Eddie: "You're leavin' me?!"

Zelda (Eddie's Girlfriend): "Sorry Eddie, I've met a REAL man!"

Cow: "Hi babe! Yes I am real man. You want to go skateboards?"

Skit 3: Edit

Man: "The orphans... they're all dead! What kind of man would do this!?"

(Cow enters on skateboard, riding through pile of dead orphans)

(Cow does kick-flip on skateboard)

Cow: (Whispering) "Skateboards."

Skit 4: Edit

Skateboarding Cow: Meow, meow, I'm a cow, I said Meow Meow I'm a-

Sheep: NO!


Eddie's girlfriend (With the cow prentending to be a man)

Cow with Zelda

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that he is the one responsible for killing the orphans because of the orphanage master remarking "what kind of man would do this?" with the cow (who previously pretended to be a man) immediately being shown afterwards.

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